Jib cranes are always among our top sellers. Due to their wide range of possible application, reasonable lifting capacity and high precision of movement, a jib crane is a great purchase regardless of industry or sphere of operation.

What is Jib crane?

Jib arms are usually linked to a pillar-like structure which is the anchor of the jib. The latter part rotates or moves by motorized or manual movement, making it fairly simple to hoist loads up and move them from one close by area to another.

Applications can range from factories in metallurgy, shipyards, piers and ports as well as a variety of other industries. What is specifically great about these particular cranes is that the jib works well in areas with low or below-average headroom. Most of the time their applications revolve around cargo movement in a circular area, since the jib revolves around the pillar.

GH Cranes Arabia has decades-long experience in manufacturing of cranes, including jib cranes and other lifting equipment as well as servicing it. GH Jib cranes, depending on their model and setup can lift anywhere between 0,5 and 20 tons. As the European leader in lifting equipment manufacturing, we have the engineering know-how, experienced specialists and state of the art technology to produce the highest quality cranes. Our production line is almost entirely robotized. Such advancements in production technology allowed for tremendous progress in terms of build quality and construction integrity. Right now, ever more than before we can claim to produce top-notch jib cranes and deliver them all over the world.

Durable, powerful, precise and simple to control. These would be the best adjectives to describe our machinery.

Additional services for Jib cranes:

What is more, we do jib crane preventive maintenance and jib crane repairs. Preventive maintenance is oriented towards our constant strive for maximum safety. As a global leader and innovator in the field, GH cares about its customers and the safety of their property and people. Preventive maintenance helps detect faults and shut out any chances of danger. Repairs are directed to fault elimination and returning the crane to working order. Call us, a competent specialist in the field to get quality service. Do not overlook safety measures and take care of your equipment so it can serve you right, and serve you long!

Lastly, GH Cranes Arabia would like to emphasize the possibility to purchase jib crane spare parts or accessories for jib cranes. Besides manufacturing complete units, selling them and providing jib cranes repair services, we also have an abundance of spares and accessories. With regards to spares, the most common request is for a hoist. Since it is the part which suffers the highest strain, its replacement is crucial for the effectiveness of the entire crane. When it comes to accessories, our clients choose radio control modules which allow for precise remote control of the jib crane and other lifting equipment.

There is not a single jib crane, but rather a wide array of sub-types and unique models. GH Cranes Arabia can produce, deliver and service wall jib cranes, industrial jib cranes, port jib cranes or column jib cranes. If you are having trouble making a choice or finding the right lifting equipment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to get a price of jib cranes. We are always glad to help out and provide assistance or give insights to customers in need.

If you are in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait or the Sultanate of Oman and find yourselves looking for lifting equipment, cranes and more precisely – jib cranes price – write us a message!