Port jib cranes

We all know how demanding and challenging port, dock and pier work can be. Everything is bigger at sea. From the ship size, down to the dimensions and weight of the cargo containers, everything requires capable hands and equipment. This is why we are very proud to bring you port jib cranes. A port jib crane can be labelled as a very capable jib type crane, oriented for transporting loads in docks, ports, piers, marinas, etc.

As of today, we offer the GPLP port jib crane with four unique models available. They can lift loads up to 20 tons. GH Cranes Arabia has decades of experience and success in supplying cranes and lifting equipment, including port jib cranes. The latter units differ from the rest thanks to special paint, stainless steel cabinet, extremely precise radio control and button panel as well as a spreader and ship lifting slings for added versatility. Optional converter for cable hoists is also possible.

Additional services for Port jib cranes:

We can also customize and adapt a unit to best suit your needs. Since this is an electric rotating unit, you can service a large circular area in the port/marina/dock. This is a product, however, directly oriented at ship and cargo service at ports. Land factories and warehouses do not need the extra functionality this unit has. They would be better off with an industrial or column jib crane.

Besides, GH Cranes Arabia can provide a lot of additional port jib crane services which include:

These services are excellent if you are looking to up the ante on your current gear. Preventive maintenance helps us monitor the state of your equipment as well as stay true to our commitment of being safety-first oriented. Accessories and optional additions boost the versatility and capabilities of the crane while spare parts and repairs go hand in hand. When something is broken, or your machinery runs into technical difficulties, ordering a spare part is the biggest problem solver. You can reach out to get insights and tips.

If you are in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait or the Sultanate of Oman and find yourselves looking for lifting equipment, cranes in general or more specifically - port jib cranes price – write us a message!