Industrial jib cranes

For the most massive and most demanding loads, there are few as good-fitting solutions as industrial jib cranes. This is a unique and particular crane type which is oriented towards production lines, manufacturers, warehouses, ports and cargo terminals because of their immense lifting capabilities. An industrial GH jib crane is the right solution if you have a working area which is not covered by your main cranes or far away from them.

GH Cranes Arabia has seen the popularity of industrial jib crane solutions and jib cranes in general skyrocket over the recent years. We have been at the forefront of technological innovations and developments which lead to the production of even more capable models of industrial jib cranes.

Industrial jib crane specification: 

As of now, we can offer cranes with various rotation ranges (from 108 to 360 degrees), with push or electric trolleys, different control types and rotation drive technology. Industrial units are almost always combined with electric rotation systems and can lift anywhere up to 20 tons (custom more capable unit production can be arranged). It is a step up from a regular column or wall-mounted jib cranes.

Additional services for Industrial jib cranes:

Besides, GH Cranes Arabia offers a plethora of additional assistance to suit clients’ needs. For example, we can provide you with industrial jib cranes spare parts. So, if something gets damaged, broken or is lost, we can send you a spare part to keep the unit up and running. There also are industrial jib crane services like repairs, refits, upgrading, etc. To keep your gear in peak shape and avoid loss of efficiency, it is best to leave this for the professionals. Industrial jib crane preventive maintenance is done for safety and precaution reasons. Our most important goals are keeping the work environment safe and providing clients with top of the range machinery. Finally – accessories for industrial jib cranes. It may very well be that your current setup for GH industrial jib cranes is not wholly complete. Your operation might need more precision control later down the road or a more capable hoist for sporadic occasions. All of this can be delivered at your request. Get in touch to know more about accessories!

If you are in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait or the Sultanate of Oman and find yourselves looking for lifting equipment, cranes in general or more specifically - industrial jib cranes price – write us a message!