This type is a Gantry (Portal) Crane on wheels which allows the movement of loads within all spheres of industrial applications, with great autonomy. Our generator or diesel-powered Automotive Gantry Cranes have capacities ranging between 20t to 440t, being robust, easy to use, maintained and handled.

Which type of lifting equipment are Automative gantry cranes?

Automotive gantry cranes are a type of lifting equipment, best-suited for moving high tonnage loads with boundless self-sufficiency. In short, thanks to the wheels, which all automotive gantry cranes have, such lifting and hoisting equipment can be applied to almost all spheres and fields of industry, regardless of specifics and details.

Here at GH Cranes Arabia, we take pride in being able to produce premium gantry (portal) cranes for our clients in the Middle East. Thanks to decades of experience, the work of talented engineers and specialists with much know-how in crane manufacturing. As well as hundreds of successfully fulfilled orders, allow our company to develop and offer durable, applied cranes, crane products and accessories which require little or none maintenance at all.

In addition to production and development of high-quality machinery, GH Cranes Arabia also offer automotive gantry cranes spare parts. If your machinery breaks down or needs some parts to be replaced, contact us for spare parts availability and cranes' spare parts price. For example, if you need hoist replacement or a new control module. We will swiftly send over what you need. Let’s talk, and we can give insights or give unbiased opinions.

Furthermore, GH Cranes Arabia do automotive gantry cranes services. These involve preventive maintenance for GH Automotive gantry cranes which protects from future breakdowns and unwanted decline in production output or workflow. The automotive gantry cranes preventive maintenance is not exclusive to just this product group; we offer such services for all lifting equipment and accessories in our catalogue.

Finally, as with all of our cranes, you can also get accessories for automotive gantry cranes. Accessories for cranes for sale range from control modules or more capable hoists. So, to sum up, GH offers much more than just selling diesel or generator-powered automotive gantry cranes for sale. We can additionally provide automotive gantry cranes repairs, maintenance or sell accessories at a reasonable price whether you are looking for a different hoist, a crane with a larger lifting capacity or a spare part to eliminate any threat of breakdowns.

GH Cranes Arabia can provide services for Automotive Gantry Cranes in:

  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Sultanate of Oman
  • Kingdom Of Bahrain
  • Other countries in the region

If questions arise or if you want to discuss business, drop us a line via the channels listed on our site to get the price of Automotive Gantry Cranes. We are on social media, and during working hours are available for calling and/or emails.

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