What is hoist? 

The hoist is arguably the most critical part of the crane. It is responsible for all the lifting and depending on the capabilities of the hoist, the entire productivity of the lifting equipment relies. GH Cranes can offer a broad range of hoists for cranes for sale. 

In our assortment, you can find SCS (standard control system) and SOP (safe operation period) equipped hoists with tremendous application possibilities and a wide range of load-lifting capabilities.

GH Cranes Arabia offer the following types of hoists: 

  1. Low headroom single girder electric hoists for cranes
  2. Normal headroom single girder electric hoists for cranes
  3. Normal headroom single girder electric crane hoists adapted for curves
  4. Compact double girder electric hoists for cranes
  5. Double girder electric hoists on end carriage for cranes
  6. Chain hoists for cranes
  7. Hoists for special applications for cranes
  8. Nested double girder electric hoists for cranes

All of these eight different categories of hoist products have individual “employment” possibilities. If you have a crane, investing in a capable hoist is a smart move. GH cranes have hoists for cranes with lifting capacities ranging anywhere from 800 kg to 100 tons. Compatible with EOT, semi-gantry, single or double girder cranes as well as regular gantry cranes, these hoists are cream of the crop when it comes to peak engineering solutions and productive lifting operation.

What we offer are not just top of the range products and a dependable brand. We can bring unparalleled attention to detail as well as expert engineering solutions to your organisation. By browsing our catalogue, you can read more about any particular hoist type that you fancy or are looking for. Do not forget that if you have doubts or dwindle on a few options, we can help out by clarifying or giving recommendations. For an individual quote, also get in touch.

Additional services for hoists:

Furthermore, our company has the know-how and experience not only to sell and develop but also to carry out various hoist services that include hoist preventive maintenance, repairs or even bringing the right accessories for hoists. How are these services useful? Preventive maintenance ensures that your low or average headroom single or double girder electric hoists, for example, are in top-notch shape and run smoothly. Preventive maintenance makes sure that your hoist avoids future breakdowns both short and long-term. Accessories and spare parts can turn even a basic setup into potent lifting machinery or add more control to the hands of the hoist operator.

In the end, would you rather entrust precious and high-quality machinery into the hands of amateurs? Probably not. This is why GH Cranes Arabia likes to take care of repairs and service by ourselves. Even though the end product is very compact and extremely simple to maintain, it is still best to leave this to the professionals. Accessories can boost accident prevention while improving the productivity of your lifting operation at the same time. Hoists can either be wire rope or chain-based. Both have unique pros and cons.

GH Cranes Arabia can provide services for hoists in:

  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Sultanate of Oman
  • Kingdom Of Bahrain
  • Other countries in the region

If you want to discuss business or have questions regarding hoists price, hoist repair, hoist spare parts or even our cranes price that need answering, never hesitate to drop us a line via email, reach out via social media or call during working hours. Filling out the contact form is also an efficient way of communicating!