Back in the year 1958, GH Cranes started operations. Designing, manufacturing, installing and later fixing, upgrading, reconstructing or maintaining them proved to be no easy task. Nevertheless, in a very short time it emerged that gantry cranes are amongst the most sought after and popular types of cranes in the world. Due to their easy application and a wide array of possible adaptations/modifications, gantry and semi-gantry cranes from GH have been moving loads all around the world for over 50 years. Throughout a half of century, technologies have moved forward, lots of mechanical tools are getting replaced with automation. GH has also moved with the progress curve and has installed a robotised machine-building process to ensure maximum quality. The gantry cranes we make are top quality. Durable, robust and practical, they can be leaned upon to dependently move high capacity loads.

Our manufacturing process for gantry and semi-gantry cranes is the same as with all of our other products. By looking into every case individually we adapt the project to best suit your needs. Instead of building a series of cranes which are just the same, we adapt them to your facilities. What you get is a sort of personalised crane that works best in the environment where you need it to perform. Thus GH can offer extraordinary or highly customisable solutions for businesses worldwide. If you have an unusually high or low ceilings, needs to service an area with strange measurements or anything unique is in place – contact us and we can adapt the project to match your requirements!

As the European leader in crane manufacturing, we feel like there should be an outlined difference between gantry and semi-gantry cranes. Regular gantry cranes are best working outside. Even though technically they can be operated indoors, it happens rarely. The primary benefit of this type of crane is its mobility and speed along with the capabilities of lifting and moving high capacity cargo. Their primary feature would have to be the moving columns or “legs” which stand on a runway and move. Now semi-gantry crane could be simplified to just a half of a regular gantry crane. However, the reality is a bit more complex. GH makes semi-gantry cranes to have one side on the ground whilst the other runs on an elevated runway. This provides tremendously useful to service one side of a particular building or site. If the entire width, length or area of the working space does not need to be covered, semi-gantry cranes are tremendously practical.

GH Cranes also provide gantry crane services to maintain or update and gantry crane repair to fix if something malfunctions. We proactively carry out gantry crane preventive maintenance. Our aim with preventive maintenance is to strive for 100% customer satisfaction and to ensure they do not have to face failing or malfunctioning machinery, even in the long run. This service is going to ensure smooth sailing for a long time in the future. To upgrade, update or modify, GH can offer accessories for gantry cranes. We also have a warehouse with an abundance of gantry crane spare parts to deliver or fix something immediately. 

In the world of cranes, GH definitely stands out. By focusing on the entire sector rather than just on a single niche, we cover our clients’ needs from A to Z. We manufacture all sorts of cranes, like bridge cranes, the mentioned cantilever cranes, overhead cranes, portal cranes, we even produce our own hoists. Maximum efficiency, maximum durability and machinery which will not disappoint. 


GH Cranes can provide services in:

  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Sultanate of Oman
  • Kingdom Of Bahrain
  • The rest of the world