Gantry cranes

What is Gantry crane?

Unlike some other cranes, gantry cranes are entirely independent, mobile structures that move on a fixed runway which is usually laid out on the floor level. These structural features are great because they effectively negate the requirements for support pillars, beams, etc. GH gantry cranes are among the most dependable, popular and most praised examples of lifting equipment in the world today. Gantry cranes outperform lots of other crane types because of their lifting capabilities. The fixed hoist can lift more tonnes of cargo due to the unique build of the unit. Moreover, they are highly mobile, moving faster than regular cranes.

For the best and most effective results of lifting outdoors, gantry cranes are among the best options. In the world of today, the demand for gantry cranes has risen dramatically. GH Cranes is one of the leaders in crane manufacturing. Besides producing a wide range of mobile and stationary cranes and lifting equipment, GH Cranes Arabia, crane supplier, is also competent in individualizing a unit, repairs and maintenance. Many decades of experience and successful endeavours later we are ready to meet your expectations and provide you with top quality gantry cranes.

Since their application possibilities are almost limitless, these cranes are widespread in a plethora of industries. The most common application is in heavy industry. The clients who operate GH gantry cranes include shipyards and aeroplane factories, steel mills and railroads, waste treatment plants, mills, etc. Due to their mobility, gantry cranes can service a large area.

Additional services for Gantry cranes: 

Every one of our clients gets unparalleled quality service. Besides producing and selling, we also carry out gantry crane preventive maintenance. We do it for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is the apparent reason - safety. Other motives include trying to reduce the risk of faults, our own statistical analysis of product quality and more. Besides, GH Cranes Arabia can also undertake any gantry crane repairs. Whether it is a serious issue or a minor inconvenience, we can help you out with every technical aspect of your gantry crane. In the end, GH gantry cranes are very reliable and durable, so the maintenance work required is minimal or none at all. Gantry crane services are not tolling on your budget.

For future upgrades and adaptability improvements, choose from the assortment of accessories for gantry cranes and the handy gantry crane spare parts. These products are mostly oriented towards the control and power of the cranes. Among the most common accessories are modules for radio control and in regards to spare parts – hoists always hover near the top.

The reasons behind it are relatively simple. The control and positioning of the crane are much simpler with the help of radio remote controls. They allow a hassle-free and more precise process. So with the hoist, they are the part which takes the highest toll. Moreover, sometimes you might want to increase the lifting capacity of the crane, thus needing to change the hoist itself.

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