GH Cranes Arabia is offering a wide assortment of bridge cranes. Also known as overhead cranes, they are highly complexed pieces of machinery which transfer and carry multiple ton objects and cargo daily. Industrial and commercial clients who usually use this type of machinery require precise technical solutions with maximum efficiency. No room for error is accepted because the safety of people and cargo is at stake. We take that very seriously. If your business needs an overhead crane - we can provide just that.

In addition to state-of-the-art engineering solutions, our company can avoid compromises in safety and durability while keeping the prices competitive. The end results are top-of-the-range bride and cantilever cranes, which can perform heavy-duty tasks without any difficulties.

With such machinery, a complex issue with a very high priority is maintaining a long life-cycle of the crane without compromising on safety, inflating costs of manufacture and maintenance and losing the effectiveness of the final product. Modular design, very reliable and tested components as well as years of experience allow us to produce top of the range and very reliable overhead cranes. They can be equipped and put to work in various environments and perform their duties to the fullest. GH Cranes can optimize and customize the final product for your particular needs. We will also provide full tech support and assistance if needed.

Every crane we produce and manufacture is a combination of technological, engineering advancements and the experienced know-how of specialists in the field. The synergy of technical solutions and mechanical value culminates in a range of refined, well-built and efficient cranes.

A large portion of manufacturing is robotized and automated; thus, we can deliver quicker, meet deadlines and not disappoint our clients. From the know-how comes subtle and to the naked eye sometimes invisible touches and changes which prolong the lifespan and service duration of the machinery.

All in all, GH Cranes Arabia offers:

  • Single girder bridge cranes – perfect use of limited and/or minimal space. Single girder bridge cranes are able to move and transport lighter and slightly heavy loads with maximum safety
  • Double girder bridge cranes – more capable than single girder bridge cranes in terms of load management, double girder bridge cranes manage more massive cargo with great ease and balance
  • Underslung bridge cranes – perfect for inconvenient or restrictive conditions, underslung bridge cranes handle even the most challenging load transport situations with maximum safety and efficiency
  • Cantilever cranes – with restrictions on space and mobility, cantilever cranes might be the best option for cargo and load transport