Double girder bridge cranes

The Double Girder Crane with its optimized weights, thanks to the innovative calculations used, reduces the loads of the structure along with adding greater stability even with larger loads.

Double girder bridge cranes are among the most popular and sought after products in the crane market along with EOT cranes. We take pride in being one of the leading suppliers of this crane for many of our clients around the world. As cranes and their market is very specialized, reputation is key. We seek to maintain it by demanding excellence from ourselves and delivering a product which fits into this particular standard.

Overall, bridge cranes are one of our specialities. In this case we have double girder bridge cranes which have additional structures that helps optimize weight distribution and allows to move heavier loads and greater stability when compared to an overhead crane, EOT cranes or a regular girder crane. 

Additional services for Double Girder cranes:

In addition to constructing such cranes to meet your needs and demands, GH Cranes Arabia also provides double girder bridge cranes services to maintain or update and double girder bridge cranes repair to fix if something malfunctions. This is part of our double girder bridge crane preventive maintenance which we implicate to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and to supply and maintain a crane that is going to work and serve for a very long time. For future updates or improvements you can contact us with regards to accessories for double girder bridge cranes. We also have a warehouse with an abundance of double girder bridge crane spare parts to deliver or fix something immediately. 

By having many years of experience working with cranes, we are not only a niche company. We can cover your needs from A to Z. We supplying all sorts of cranes, like bridge cranes, girder cranes, overhead cranes, EOT cranes, we even produce our own hoists.

GH Cranes can provide services for Double Girder cranes in:

  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Sultanate of Oman
  • Kingdom Of Bahrain
  • The rest of the Arabic world

If you are in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait or the Sultanate of Oman and find yourselves looking for lifting equipmentcranes and more precisely – double girder cranes price – write us a message!